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German-engineered and patented, the GYMWATCH Sensor is designed for fitness-focused people who want to maximize their workouts to build strength, muscles and burn calories

Darmstadt, Germany and New York – November 11, 2014 – On the expanding spectrum of wearable fitness-tracking devices, the new GYMWATCH Sensor from Germany enters the market today to support individuals who are already fitness-focused and want to take their fitness training to the next level. Designed by an expert in sports science, the patented GYMWATCH Sensor is the first and only fitness tracker that precisely measures the full range of both motion and strength expended in every type of exercise—more than 900 of them—and with its companion app, offers real-time verbal and visual feedback to help users perform the exercises properly and get the maximum results from their workouts.

Strapped around either the user’s arm or leg muscles (or both with two sensors), the GYMWATCH Sensor measures every strength component, including starting strength, maximum strength, explosive strength and speed strength, and also measures the precise motion amplitude in every exercise. The sensor can differentiate between full and partial repetitions and the time under tension of eccentric, concentric and static muscle contractions in exercises using free-weights, machines or the user’s own body weight. GYMWATCH tracks all of this data and using sports-science algorithms and mathematical modeling, factors it together with the user’s personal profile and fitness goals to design a personalized training plan that helps the user avoid overloading or under-loading their muscles and get the most benefit from their workout.

Added to GYMWATCH’s unique ability to precisely measure both strength and motion is its ability through a companion app to offer real-time verbal and visual feedback so that users can immediately find out if they are correctly performing any of the more than 900 exercises in the GYMWATCH catalog. For example, GYMWATCH might detect a user doing bench presses too quickly or doing squats too slowly for optimal benefit and will offer suggestions both verbally and visually for how to modify the exercise. The GYMWATCH app provides a figure illustration that demonstrates the correct form and pace. GYMWATCH users can follow the personalized training plan, or they can choose “Free-Mode” to perform and track any combination of the 900 exercises. They can also choose the ”Routines-Mode” to design specific, repeatable routines that focus, for example, on exercises to build abdominal muscles, or strengthen the back or burn extra calories.

The GYMWATCH Sensor uses inertial sensors including an accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer to record the course of limb movements on all axes. It works with Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart to communicate this data to the GYMWATCH app (iOS and Android). Users can also connect the sensor to their computers or other devices to view the training data and receive real-time feedback on any screen at home or in the gym. The app synchronizes with a web portal, which offers extensive training-management functions that use scientific algorithms to help users plan and analyze their training. An open API allows users to connect GYMWATCH to other fitness or medical applications, and users can also share their training results with other GYMWATCH users on social networks.

Pricing and availability
The GYMWATCH Sensor is available to purchase at A single sensor is priced at $199 USD and a duo package is priced at $389 USD. Personal trainers and gyms can order the sensor in larger quantities to sell or rent to their clients.

GYMWATCH GmbH develops advanced fitness technologies and devices. Based in Darmstadt, Germany, near Frankfurt, the company’s first product is the patented GYMWATCH Sensor, which is the first and only wearable fitness tracker that precisely measures both the motion and the strength expended in every exercise, and with its companion app, provides real-time feedback to help users perform exercises properly and get maximum results from their workouts. GYMWATCH GmbH was founded in 2012 with funding from the innovation program EXIST of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, the European Union and the European Social Fund for Germany. More information is available at

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