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Product description

The patented GYMWATCH Sensor is the first and only fitness tracker that precisely measures the full range of motion and strength expended in every type of exercise—more than 900 of them—and provides real-time feedback to help users perform the exerices properly and get the maximum results from their workouts.

Key Benefits

  • Focuses on Muscle Strength: Focuses on Muscle Strength: Going beyond simply counting reps and steps, the GYMWATCH Sensor helps you achieve greater results from your workout by focusing on muscle and strength building. Strapped to your arm and/or your leg, the sensor measures the full range of motion and strength you use in every exercise. Multiple sensors may be used simultaneously.
  • Tailors to Your Ability and Goals: GYMWATCH is like a personal trainer. Its scientific algorithms analyze and factor together your specific goals, your personal data and the training data calculated by the sensor in order to plan a highly personalized fitness-training program for you.
  • Maximizes Your Workout: The GYMWATCH Sensor connects to the GYMWATCH app (iOS and Android) in order to give you real-time visual and auditory feedback on your posture and technique for more than 900 different types of exercises. It can detect incorrectly performed exercises and offer tips to improve them.


  • Measures strength and motion for every exercise whether using machines, free-weights or your own body weight. Each GYMWATCH Sensor includes an accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer to record the course of limb movements on all axes and measure the time under tension of different muscle contractions.
  • Connects to iOS and Android apps to provide real-time feedback on exercise form for more than 900 different types of exercises.
  • Measures and records the following 24 high-precision measurements and training data:
    1. Starting strength, 2. Maximum strength, 3. Explosive strength, 4. Muscle strength, 5. Strength endurance, 6. Speed strength, 7. Range of Motion, 8. Power, 9. Force, 10. Volume, 11. Full Reps, 12. Partial Reps, 13. 1RM, 14. Sets, 15. Step counter, 16. Step duration, 17. Step length, 18. Range of motion, 19. TUT ( time under tension), 20. Rowing stroke rate, 21. Distance, 22. Cadence, 23. HF interface, 24. Calories burned

Product specifications

  • Each sensor is 52.01mm long and 39.69mm wide (with stirrups that are 52.01mm x 54.29mm)
  • Two elastic bands to strap the Sensor on the leg or arm: Maximum length is 100cm
  • Weight: 35.5g
  • Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy Chip
  • Micro USB port (charge lasts 10-30 days)
  • Mobile App for iOS 8 and Android
  • Web portal for training management

Pricing and Availability

The GYMWATCH Sensor is now available. A single sensor is $199 USD. A duo pack is $389 USD. Shipping costs are additional. Orders are currently being accepted at


GYMWATCH GmbH develops advanced fitness technologies and devices. Based in Darmstadt, Germany, near Frankfurt, the company’s first product is the patented GYMWATCH Sensor, which is the only wearable fitness tracker that precisely measures the full range of motion and strength expended in more than 900 different types of exercises and provides real-time feedback to help users perform them properly and get maximum results from their workouts. The founding team met as graduate students in sports informatics, electrical engineering, computer science and industrial design at the Technical University of Darmstadt. They brought their areas of expertise together to form GYMWATCH GmbH in 2012 with funding from the innovation program EXIST of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, the European Union and the European Social Fund for Germany. More information is available at






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